Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a treatment program to help men regain the energy, strength and libido of their younger years. When we are young, we’re more energetic, agile, and focused. But with age, we lose that youthful tenacity: fat becomes harder to shed, muscles become harder to keep, and our drive just can’t keep up with the world around us. To counteract these common signs of aging, the experts at Houston Weight Loss & Low T offer effective and affordable Testosterone Replacement Therapy that can deliver life-changing results. If you are interested in seeing how we can make you feel like yourself again, please schedule a personal consultation at either our Houston or Katy offices. To reach us directly, please call (281) 400-1290.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Increased Energy

As we age, most men notice a decrease in their energy level throughout the day. Having less energy means they are less likely to keep active and less likely to get regular exercise. Less activity can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Restoring the body’s hormone levels with Testosterone Therapy brings back normal energy levels, increasing activity, overall health, and fitness. 

Increased Libido (Sex Drive)

One of the first things most men notice when beginning Testosterone Therapy is increased libido or sex drive. Not only is there an increase in sex drive, but there is also an increase in overall sexual function. Men report improvement in ED symptoms and an increase or return of spontaneous erections (in the morning). 

Increased Muscle Strength/Muscle Mass

It is well known that Testosterone has a direct anabolic effect on muscle. Restoring testosterone to more youthful levels not only increases muscular strength and size, but also enhances endurance and recovery

Improved Sleep

Another benefit often seen early with Testosterone Therapy is improved sleep. Our patients often report being able to sleep through the night (less awakenings) and feeling more rested in the AM. 

Improved Mood and Mental Focus

Many of our patients report an improvement in overall well-being with Testosterone Therapy. They state that they have more mental clarity throughout the day and are generally in a better mood.

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Though Testosterone Therapy is known to be extremely safe when prescribed under the care of a physician, it is important to be aware of potential side effects:

Worsening Sleep Apnea

Patients that have sleep apnea and do not use a CPAP may experience worsening symptoms. If you feel your sleep apnea is worsening, you should stop therapy and report your symptoms to your prescribing physician. 

Increased Red Blood Cells

Too many red blood cells can cause the blood to get “thick”, increasing the risk of a stroke. Our medical providers will monitor blood work on a regular basis to ensure your blood counts stay in a safe range.

Prostate Enlargement

Testosterone Replacement does not cause prostate cancer, but it can stimulate an existing cancer and increase the size of a non-cancerous prostate. If you have a history of prostate (or breast) cancer we do not recommend Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


Testosterone Therapy can stimulate breast tissue in men and cause enlargement of the breast (gynecomastia). This can be treated easily with a prescription aromatase inhibitor (estrogen blocker). While on Testosterone Therapy, always report symptoms of breast/nipple sensitivity or enlargement to your prescribing physician. 

Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We are currently offering Free Low T Screenings. We will check your T level with a simple blood test. If you qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, the initial visit including all necessary lab work and your first testosterone injection is just $199.

Our motto is “Know your T level!” The first step is to come in for your free screening. Contact us today or give us a call at (281) 400-1290