Houston Weight Loss Center offers pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements to specifically target your nutritional requirements while on a medical weight loss program. Our vitamins and supplements offer the side benefit of a longer, healthier life*.

Houston Weight Loss Center’s specially formulated products are optimized for all-around health benefits*. They include Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Preventative Nutrition, Weight Loss and Sports Nutrition packages. High-grade vitamins and supplements are necessary to maintain the required nutritional support you need when on an effective low calorie weight loss program*.

Houston Weight Loss Center recommends the intake of vitamins and supplements while adhering to a well-balanced diet that does not receive all dietary requirements from food alone and maybe important additive to an effective weight loss program. Houston Weight Loss Center acknowledges the supplemental requirements as a part of changing dietary references.

Important essential vitamins and supplements include:

Vitamin B12: a lack of it causes anemia and nerve cell damage and is an essential vitamin.

Folic acid:This vitamin is required to make DNA, RNA and replenish red blood cells

Vitamin B6: Vitamin needed for protein and carbohydrate metabolism; a lack of it decreases nerve functions

The essential minerals and vitamins prepare the body while you undergo lifestyle changes with low calorie weight loss programs. The Department of Health and the American Dietetic Association has advised that supplements are not bad and actually help increase metabolism*. The National Academy of science has recommended vitamins for large segments of the population and especially for those who are on a weight loss program. Supplements should be taken for at least three months to achieve the best results*.

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