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Our weight loss and testosterone programs focus on using proven medical treatments in combination with lifestyle and behavior changes to help patients live their lives to the fullest. Our weight loss programs are centered around providing our patients foundational education on healthy diets, together with medical interventions including appetite suppressants and supplements to achieve results quickly and safely. Our Low T program focuses on providing supplemental testosterone and recommending lifestyle changes for men who are suffering from the side effects of decreased testosterone.

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Rapid Weight Loss Programs

Our weight loss programs include a combination of weight loss supplements, low calorie diets and prescription appetite suppressants for fast and long term weight loss*. Under medical supervision, our rapid weight loss programs offer a safe and easy way to lose weight*. You can trust that you are in experienced hands when you come in to Houston Weight Loss & Low T. The professionals at our weight loss clinics are proud to be always up to date on the latest advances in medical weight loss.

Proprietary supplements

- Lipotropic injections

- Appetite suppressants (qualifying patients only)

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

At Houston Weight Loss & Low T, we not only want you to help you lose weight fast, but we also want to help you keep the weight off. So how do you lose weight and keep it off? Well, as experts in the field of obesity and weight loss, we know that keeping the weight off usually takes making some permanent dietary and lifestyle changes. You can't expect to go back to your exact "old" habits and not regain weight. This is where the support of the experts at Houston Weight Loss & Low T comes into play. Our teams of specialists can teach you how to make small but incremental changes that will stay with you for a lifetime.*

Since 1996, Houston Weight Loss & Low T has helped thousands of Houston area patients lose weight* and keep it off. We will assist you in your weight loss journey with our comprehensive weight loss programs designed to help you lead a healthier and more fulfilled life*. Find out which weight loss program is best for you and take control of your life today!

Low T (Testosterone Replacement) Clinics

Houston TX Medical Weight Loss

As men age, their testosterone levels tend to decrease. Low testosterone levels are linked with a variety of negative effects, including increased weight gain, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and even depression. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medically approved method of treating these conditions that can improve the quality of life for men and their partners*.

Our testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program includes weekly injections of testosterone, which is the most effective form of treatment for Low T. Our providers will perform an initial screening to determine if your testosterone levels are below normal. If you are a candidate, you can begin testosterone treatments immediately. Injections are performed in our office and take a little as five minutes. If you’ve been feeling “off” or have other symptoms of low testosterone, we invite you to come into our office for an initial screening and get your groove back!

Weight Loss Testimonials

Houston Weight Loss & Low T invites you to visit our testimonials page and read about our weight loss success stories. These stories offer testimony that other people just like you, or with similar weight loss struggles, have been able to lose weight with our weight loss programs*. They took that first step into their weight loss journey. You can too!

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Weight Loss & Low T Clinics in Houston & Katy TX

The staff at Houston Weight Loss & Low T is always happy to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will get you results. Our weight loss clinics are conveniently located in Houston and Katy TX and customer service is our number one priority.