Houston Weight Loss Center offers a medically prescribed nutritional weight loss program to help you achieve your weight loss goals*.

After medical history is obtained during your initial visit to Houston Weight Loss Center, a patient is taken and a physical examination is completed, Our experienced physicians and/or nurse practitioners will recommend a low calorie diet based on estimated BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

We calculate your estimated BMR using our Tanita 310 scale, which has a 600-pound capacity. Our accurate scale gives body composition that includes percentage of body fat and BMR.

On the basis of the patient’s BMR, Houston Weight Loss Center’s diet experts recommend a weight loss diet between 800 and 1200 calories per day. This diet weight loss program is composed of regular food, meal replacements and combinations of the two. Our high-quality meal replacements have a great taste with a delectable assortment that includes high-protein, low-calorie shakes, bars and soups to provide you with proper nutrition while reducing calories.

For fast weight loss programs, an 800-calorie protein diet is recommended for those who need to lose more than 50 pounds*. Such a diet plan includes nutritional meal replacement shakes that include all the daily required minerals, proteins and carbohydrates in proper quantities. Our combination weight loss low calorie programs include flexible eating of one regular meal in addition to high-protein shakes to provide you with an 800- to 1200-calorie intake.

We encourage the eating of fresh fruits and vegetable in normal diets while cutting down on high-fat intakes. Vitamin and mineral supplements are prescribed and weight loss is charted by our expert panel of doctors at Houston Weight Loss Center.

Patient Forms

To better help you with the registration and check-in process, we have uploaded forms and directions to our offices. Please download and fill out your personal health history before your first appointment.

*Individual Results May Vary