Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in Houston, Katy, and Webster, TX

Why Choose Katy Weight Loss Center?

No commercial weight loss programs have ever been proven to be more effective than the medical weight loss programs that we offer. Our weight loss programs include a combination of lipotropic injections, low calorie diets and prescription appetite suppressants for fast and long term weight loss.Under medical supervision, our rapid weight loss programs offer a safe and easy way to lose weight. You can trust that you are in experienced hands when you come in to Katy Weight Loss Center. The professionals at our weight loss clinic are proud to be always up to date on the latest advances in medical weight loss.

Weight Loss Houston

Our Weight Loss Program Consultation Includes:

  • Physical exam and blood work
  • Prescription for diet meds (Phentermine, etc)
  • Lipotropic injection
  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Private weigh-ins

Katy Weight Loss Medications

Our Weight Loss Clinic in Katy TX now offers GLP-1 medications including Semaglutide (Ozempic / Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro / Zepbound).

Weight Loss Reviews

Katy Weight Loss Center invites you to visit our testimonials page and read about our weight loss success stories. These stories offer testimony that other people just like you, or with similar weight loss struggles, have been able to lose weight with our weight loss programs. They took that first step into their weight loss journey. You can too!

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We also offer SmartLipo | Laser Lipo

SmartLipo is a liposuction procedure that uses a laser to melt fat and tighten the skin. The melted fat can then be gently suctioned from the body. SmartLipo can remove as much fat as traditional liposuction with less risk and less downtime.

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Contact our Weight Loss Clinic in Katy TX

The staff at the Katy Weight Loss Center is always happy to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will get you results. Our weight loss clinic is conveniently located in Katy TX and customer service is our number one priority.