Appetite suppressant programs are an integral part of Houston Weight Loss Center’s weight loss program. Drugs that reduce appetite are used on a short-term basis to clinically treat obesity and promote weight loss*.

Before starting or prescribing a weight loss appetite suppressant program, Houston Weight Loss Center conduct a physical examination and a complete battery of blood tests. Our appetite suppressant medicines are prescribed only after a complete medical evaluation has been performed. Our doctors will go over the medical report submitted after medical examination and you will be informed about the strengths of your prescribed appetite suppressant medication for your customized weight loss program.

The appetite suppressant drugs we prescribe are effective in reducing hunger pangs and thoughts about food and in making you satisfied after eating smaller portions*. They also increase the chances of fast weight loss with their inherent tendency to render you desirous of sticking to the prescribed diet*.

When you enroll in our Appetite Suppressant program for weight loss, you will be given a prescription for appetite suppressants as well as a Lipo B injection and supplement samples.

Diet Medications


Oral Phentermine Hydrolcloride is the commonly prescribed appetite suppressant that, when used in conjunction with diet, exercise and behavior therapy, affords faster weight loss*. It helps reduce hunger pangs while new lifestyle changes are put into effect*. It stimulates the hypothalamus gland and affects neurotransmitters to reduce appetite on a short-term basis*.


Bontril stimulates the nerves and brain center that increases heart rate and blood pressure while reducing appetite*. Bontil is used in short-term supplement and can be prescribed as a compent to your weight loss program.

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Patient Forms

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*Individual Results May Vary