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Fast food is almost never a good choice – but sometimes it’s your only choice. Your best option will always be to meal plan so that you don’t end up needing to grab fast food, but we understand that may not always be possible. If your job often takes you on the road, or you work full time in addition to trying to take care of your family, it can be difficult.

Don’t make assumptions

When you do have to choose fast food, it’s important to still watch your calories and choose as healthy of an option as you can. Most fast food restaurants will have their calorie counts posted online. Always check when you can! Don’t assume that because something seems like the healthy choice that it is.

For example, many people assume that a chicken sandwich is going to be lower in calories than a hamburger, but many of the chicken sandwiches on the list below are much higher in calories than the hamburgers. And even though something like a salad may be a healthier option in terms of vitamins and minerals, that doesn’t mean that it’s low-calorie.

Download the list below to compare some of the most popular fast food items from various chains.

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